[Free Tutorial] Unlimited Google Adwords Accounts 500$ Threesholds!


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Aug 16, 2020
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This will be easy and straight to the point as I don't like to write too much...

Buy VCC for Paypal (7-10$) if it has 5$ on it even better!
Buy Amazon AWS Account or VCC for Amazon AWS.
With Amazon AWS you can have 20 RDP-s installed. Create an Australian RDP, windows 2019 server!

After you install Australian RDP, Instal Firefox, add 2 extensions!
Random Agent Switcher and Disaible WebRtc!

Create an Australian Paypal Account with Vcc you bought and on this website use the Phone number to attach the Paypal!

Leave PayPal there for 3 days if you can confirm the card confirm it if not leave it like that.

Create a google ads account. Create a test campaign on google!

Find some websites from Australia in local niches like plumbing, roofing, tattoo service, electrical and so on. Pick something from 5-10 pages and put it on google.

Run campaign at 5$ per day!

Attach PayPal you created to google ads as billing info!

Leave test campaign 2-3 days and then Run your Own campaign to make money!

After your own campaign starts spending money you can turn off the test campaign!

That's it and Good Luck!
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